Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The last thing I wanted to do today after I finished working was work on Conventional Demon. I convinced myself I deserved the day off (due to other factors that had nothing to do with writing). I decided to cruise through the blogs I follow instead.

It turned out, that was exactly what I needed. Reading about writers who've made it, who are published and working on their book promotions, was exactly the right motivation. It reminded me why I make time every day to work on CD. Because if I don't, nothing's going to happen. And I really want something to happen. I really want to be a published author working on my book promotions. I really want to be working on Book 2. I really want to be writing the next book after that. I really want to be talking with fans about my work. I really want to be making lots of money as an author.

So I just finished another hour of spreadsheet/scene analyzing and improving. The holes are becoming clearer. Hopefully the inspiration for the correct fixes will come to me soon. I know it's all getting worked out in my subconscious, and the clearer I can see the problems, the more it'll improve the solution.


GreenStart said...

I like how focused you are. It reminds me of my organization method - write everything down on a master to-do list, then have sub-category lists. All these lists get hung up around my desk, charted in order of importance with little post-it stickers with alphabetical ranking.

Let's hear it for list-makers!

Rebecca Chastain said...

Little post-its with alphabetical ranking sounds fabulous!

The columns in my spreadsheet have multiplied each day I touch it as I think of another layer I want to check. I've considered printing it out several times, and I'm sure if I did, it'd soon be covered with stickies, though I don't know if they'd be alphabetically ranked.