Monday, February 23, 2009

Love for Long Titles

I have the most trouble with coming up with titles for works. Or maybe I should say that the titles I come up with for my own works are horrible. They're usually two words, and even then, they don't tend to tell you much.

(No, I didn't come up with Conventional Demon for the first Madison's tentative title despite the fact that it is two words. I asked for suggestions from friends and family and then we voted on the favorite one....Then I wrote Book 2 and realized that "Basic Trouble" wasn't going to work for the title and that "Conventional Demon" worked much better. This was Cody's title: I asked him to come up with a title that worked on two levels and was catchy. I think he did a darn good job, and I'm hoping that when they get to read Book 2, he and all my friends and family will be as helpful again!)

I admire people who can give their novels incredibly long titles and have it work. My long titles for CE might be: Fighting Evil with a Little More than Nasty Looks or Evil Never Had It So Good; A Tale of Madison Fox's Ignorance. See what I mean? Horrible.

I've already said that I bought Prose's book (see bookshelf on right) simply because of the long title. Well, I've been excited about this week's NON author, Edward Chupack, for weeks now, ever since I stumbled across his book's title: Silver: My Own Tale As Written by Me with a Goodly Amount of Murder. The name says it all. Drop by Number One Novels to hear more about this fabulously titled new novel.


Mom said...

I really like the title Fighting Evil with Little More than Nasty Looks! It sounds fun and funny, light hearted. Then 'Evil' could be the common thread of all the following titles.

I love the title of this weeks NON blog book. I cannot wait to read it, unless it is too creepy for me. If that is the case your dad will have to read it first.

Rebecca Chastain said...

If you do read it, I'd love for you to send me your feedback so I could put a quote up on the NON blog!