Monday, February 2, 2009

Good People

Writers make good people. I've often believed this, simply because 1) I'm a writer and I think I'm a good person (and a humble one, too), and 2) people who like to write also like to read, and readers are good people, too. Yes, these are enormous, sweeping stereotypes. Yes, I'm incredibly prejudiced. But if my experience with NON has done anything (aside from introduce me to great new books from new authors), it's proven my theory true.

Every author who has responded to me has been polite, funny, and all around personable and nice. It's been wonderful. I get about ten minutes of "face time" with these authors tops, and I feel like I have a mini personal connection with each one. I get really excited when I see their books mentioned on other blogs, and I get even more excited when I see the books out in stores (ask Cody; he's been there to witness the jumping and squealing). I even feel a sense of pride when I hear they've received awards.

This week's author is no exception. Jamie Ford's interview is now up on, and when he wrote to tell me he was Costco's February 2009 Pennie's Pick, I cheered aloud when I read the words. I'm a Costco member who receives their monthly magazine, and I always flip to see who Pennie has picked. This month, it's one of "my" authors! Hooray!

Check out the latest interview, if only because you've got to love a man who admits that there was "lots of awkward, white-guy dancing in my office" when he heard the news he had been published.


GreenStart said...

I happen to personally know an author and I think that she is a darn good person!

Rebecca Chastain said...

Another vote tallied on the side of authors! LOL