Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Babies Are All Grown Up

Today is Mack Fu and Zenzo's birthday! They are six years old today. Six! They're so grown up! Just the other day, they were playing with stuffed mice and string, taking naps throughout the day, playing in the plants.... Okay, so that was just the other day, but I was truly shocked when I realized they were six. Cody and I both thought they were only four.

I imagine that you're asking how do I know that today is their birthday. After all, I adopted them after a friend found them in a cage in a Dumpster (yes, someone is going to burn for that one). It was easy to determine. First, the vet told me about how old they were. Then it was merely a matter of asking them the day. We settled on the 18th.

In past years, we've had parties (my parents were sweet enough to come watch us put birthday hats on the cats and feed them wet food). This year, it was much more mellow (as in, we didn't do anything...yet--there's still the weekend). I wanted to put up some pictures here of them when they were young and small and oh so cute, but it's late, I've been sitting in front of this computer for over 9 hours today, those pictures are on zip drives, and it would involve finding the external zip drive and figuring all that out since our computers no longer have internal zip drives. Maybe some other time (because the pictures are REALLY cute). Instead, here are a few pictures of them that are more recent.

(Mack Fu left, Zenzo right) They were not supposed to be on the unmade bed or clean sheets, but they were too cute to move. Plus, I found Zenzo's position amusing.

Fu likes water. He'll play in his drinking bowl, he'll play in a stream of water left running in the tub. He'll get in the shower with me, which is rather amusing when he's in there getting more and more drowned-rat looking, but is less amusing when he jumps out, flinging water everywhere, and runs through the house until I can get out and dry him off.
Half the time Zenzo is a princess. (No, I didn't Photoshop that bright light between her paws--that's all Zenzo's magic.)
Occasionally, she's not so much a princess.

Mack Fu can be a bit silly.

And he usually thinks he's human (and always thinks he's entitled to at least half my chair).

Have a little birthday cake today for Mack Fu and Zenzo!


Cody said...

WooHoo!! B-DAY FUN!!!
I want cake.. CAKE!!
Cute pics! I look forward to the younger years pics.. bet they look so small and cute..
Thanks for the laughs!

TikiBird said...

Love the pictures, Rebecca! Thanks for sharing. Thank goodness they found you and Cody as cat parents. That deserves a celebration, indeed.

Michelle H. said...

Yum! B-day cake. Love the cat pics.

Rebecca Chastain said...

TikiBird--my mom dropped some burbon slushie (only the best drink EVER) of at my house today, so the celebration shall commence once Cody gets home.

Michelle H.--Don't encourage me. I could probably start a whole new blog of just my cat pics. :) I hope you had some good B-day cake in their honor!