Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Magical Words Is Psychic

I follow a few blogs. Okay, I follow a lot of blogs--something Kate ( and Cody ( got me into at about the same time. Before that, I was virtually alone in the blogger world, plugging away at my own posts and not giving much thought to what other people were saying.

Boy was I missing out on a lot. I recommend all the blogs I follow (check them out under my profile), but lately, Magical Words has been near-psychic with their posts. They've posted about tone (today) and character development earlier this week. It all fits right in with my edits of Conventional Demon and some of the aspects I've been trying to strengthen throughout the novel.

They also had a guest post by Kim Harrison (how cool is that!) where she talked about swag to give away at book signings. I've got all kinds of ideas for CD. Now all I've got to do is sell the novel...


TikiBird said...

That's a great article, and a fun topic to think about. It makes me wonder how much writers keep possible merchandise in mind when they're writing--it could get out of hand!

(I'm sure I would get carried away with it, and everything would be, "Then I stared at my bright green bookmark with the flower on it, and I was overwhelmed with how important it had been in my life. Without this bookmark as my lucky charm, I never would have met my husband, my boyfriend, or my new twin puppies. I knew I'd always keep it hidden away in my nightstand. If only everyone could have a bookmark like this...or maybe a bumper sticker. That was important to me, too.")

Rebecca Chastain said...


Hahaha, I love where you went with it! Especially, "my new twin puppies." LOL I can see where we'd get carried away, too. Cody, in particular--he had some great ideas, but I don't think they fit in the "under 10-15 cents" category.