Saturday, February 7, 2009

In the Name of Art

Today, Cody and I left the house for a grand day out: We visited a museum and an art/wine gallery (the art/wine gallery was also serving chocolate--it was impossible to resist). We saw a lot of great art (though, unfortunately, no Suzanne Goodwin art). There were several pieces I really wanted to buy, like a five-foot long, four-inch wide, four-inch deep boat filled with three hundred three-inch tall bunnies all seated in rows and rows. The piece represented Norwegian explorers (I have no idea how), and since Cody's Norwegian, I figured it was a must-have. There were also several horse paintings which I fell in love with and one horse wire sculptor (I'm a sucker for horse art). However, since my Saturn was not designed to haul three hundred bunnies no matter how tiny they are and we didn't have the thousands to shell out on the art, we came home empty-handed.

However, in honor of all the art we saw, and just for the fun of it, I've finally added an "artistic" profile picture (to the right). You may recognize this style, popularized recently by the face of a man you might be familiar with. If you want one of your own, you can go to Obamiconme and upload your own photo. I couldn't resist uploading several of my pictures, so here are my favorites.

My special man friend

Mack Fu and Zenzo, the best kitties in the whole world

Several years ago at the state fair, we got a free redwood seedling. We named it Woody. I had grand visions of it rapidly growing to something much like this great redwood. It died a slow and lingering death. The next year, I gave my free seedling (unnamed) to my parents to plant. So far, it's living and thriving. I'm sure that says nothing about me.

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