Friday, October 10, 2008

Writing, Not Running

The Universe clearly wants me to write. Three times this week I've gotten up to go down to my apartment's mini-gym and workout. Two of those times, the gym has been locked and I've had to return to my apartment without working out. I suppose I could have walked about the apartment complex, because I was only going to they gym to do some cardio work, but it's cold outside! I like the pacing of the treadmill and the convenient clock it has on the machine to tell me how long I've been torturing my body. Possessing neither a watch or the ability to regulate my own speeds really well when there are distractions like nature and wildlife about, I didn't even bother with the walk.

Instead, I came inside and got an early start on my writing time. The final chapter of Madison is quite tricky. It's hard not to give too much away about the next book without leaving too much hanging. I wonder if it would help to write out the next book, or at least the first several chapters of the next book now? Probably.

Unfortunately, now it's time for query and synopsis work. Okay, that's the wrong attitude, but I know how to write--I don't know how to craft a perfect query, and that's got me antsy.

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