Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Does Daydreaming Count?

Life intruded today and I didn't get any writing time in. Okay, if I'm honest, a little laziness intruded too. So I've been wondering: Does daydreaming count? I've spent a lot of time thinking of Madison and crafting the changes that I need to make over and over again in my head. Sort of like how a baker makes pie crust, all the kneading (but not too much) and then rolling it out, spreading it thin across the surface of the mind (if we're still in metaphor) and seeing what you've got. I guess it doesn't technically count, because I could have daydreamed and gotten some actual work done, but one of the two is better than none, right?

Now I want some pie. Have you ever had Claim Jumper's Chocolate Silk Pie? It doesn't get much better. (Even if you can't wait for it to thaw, it's still really good.)

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