Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cloudy Contemplations

Today is one of those perfect contemplative days where the sun can't seem to decide if it wants to shine through the cloud cover or just let the day drift by in soothing shadows. I woke thinking that it was very early in the morning (which it definitely was not, but the lighting fooled me), and decided that while Cody slept, I would use the day's energy to start the day with a creative exercise.

Thus, I've just spent the last hour jotting down ideas for tag lines for Madison. Tag lines--also called the high concept of a story, a teaser, or a fast pitch--are like the story blurbs that you see on the back of books (only tag lines typically have to be only two sentences) that define your whole story in a gripping way. I've just written 12 (!!) and I'm not sure I completely like any of them. I chose to do it like a freewrite, where I just wrote what came to me and didn't go back and edit them. That'll be later. And once I've picked the top five or so that I like, I'll post them here and you can all vote to let me know which you think is the best. Meanwhile, I'll be massaging my cramped fingers back into a normal, non-clawlike shape.

Speaking of voting, if you have a moment, please cast your vote in the poll at the top of this blog. (Or are you all tired out by the idea of another thing you need to vote on right now?)

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cw said...

good job! I look forward to reading them!