Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sex Sells

Yesterday's post made me think about a blog I'd seen in my quest to drive traffic to my site. I did a Google search for how to increase traffic to a blog. One or the results was a blog that said that all you had to do to increase the number of hits to a blog was to put the word "sex" in the blog's title. It was a long post, which managed to say the word sex a great number of times but to offer no other advice. It seemed like a very narrow way to go about it. First of all, putting sex in the title of the blog doesn't always work for the subject of a blog. Say, for instance, you're doing a blog about saving the environment. How do you work it in there? Or about a knitting? Or--let's go out on a limb here--writing?

Perhaps if my characters were having sex (they're not currently), I could mention that. Or if I was writing a sex scene, I could talk about that (I'm not currently). Further on down the line, after my characters are having sex (which they will be), and after a few novels have been published and you've all read about said sex and said sex partners, I could give sexual hints about naughty scenes to come. But right now, that sort of advice was absolutely pointless.

(Or was it? I've used sex 10 times in this post (and title), 11 if you count "sexual"--wait, now that's 12. I'll let you know if I have a sudden rush of new traffic. LOL)

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CW said...

Sex works for me!