Saturday, October 11, 2008

False Start

I almost started book 2 in the Madison series today. It was powerfully tempting to set aside query letters and synopsis creations, marketing research and agent hunting to start writing the next book. I almost convinced myself that I needed to write it--that it would help sell the first book (which I think it would) and that I need to keep writing to not lose the story idea or the pacing.

Then I realized that if I spent all my writing time with thoughts of everything I needed to do to get the first book sold floating around in the back of my head, I was going to do exactly what I was afraid I'd do--ruin the pacing and the story idea of the second book.

So instead of spending today's mandatory Madison hour writing book 2, I did some marketing research. As soon as laundry is done, I'm off to Borders to do a little more. Sigh. So close.

(I would also like to say, I'm a big dork. Cody read through my recent posts, then turned to me and gave me our much-joked about "jazz hands," pointing out that I'd used the phrase "I'm jazzed" in a recent post. How embarrassing! How corny! I was going to edit it out, but then Cody posted a comment about it, so short of deleting the comment and the dorky "jazzed" phrase, I'm left with no choice but to leave it all as it is. And, of course, draw a little more attention to my own dorkiness.)

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