Friday, August 21, 2009

The Robot Doctor Is In

My poor little Roomba, Contessa, had a problem today. Actually, it's been a developing problem with her spinning parts that a quick fix was no longer going to cut it. She needed an operation. She needed to be cut open, guts examine, contaminations removed. I was just the woman for the job.

I sincerely enjoy hands-on projects. I think it might be because so much of what I do is intangible (writing a story, aside from seeing a stack of pages, doesn't give you a lot of physical evidence of your hard work—especially not once you're editing and doing query letters). I'm also not one for hard labor, nor am I exceptionally mechanically gifted, so a truly large hands-on project, like, say, fixing parts of my car, doesn't appeal to me. Maybe taking the car apart would be fun, but having to put it back together...not so much.

Contessa happens to be the perfect size for my tinkering. She's held together almost exclusively by screws, so with two different size screwdrivers and a pair of tweezers (for removing caught objects), I was set.

Piece by piece, I disassembled (don't you think "desembled" sounds like it should be a word) Contessa, cleaning caught cat hair out of her gears and dust out of her motors. I got grease under my fingernails, I got my finger pinched in plastic, I got dust all over the front of my shirt. I had a lot of fun.

The best part: when I put her back together, there were no leftover parts (very important!) and she works! I'm a master Roomba technician! Cody even said we should film my work and put it on YouTube, which simultaneously amused me and went straight to my head. Rebecca, aka Roomba Repair Woman, at your service.

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