Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Return to Blogdom

I freely admit that for the last month or so, I haven't been reading many other blogs out there, though I've still been hoping people are reading mine. I've checked out my favorites (I can't miss Cute Overload, Laurell K. Hamilton—who could miss that kind of melodrama?—and, lately, Katie MacAlister, who's a great balance for the Hamilton drama), but for the most part, my online forays have been to post here, NON, and do research. (Oh, yeah, and Hulu, but I'll save my latest TV crush for another blog.)

However, today I found myself adding blogs again to my follow list and scanning through more blogs than my eyes really appreciate. Why? For a very, very good reason: I finished editing the new scenes I added to Madison today—and I liked them! They're keepers! That means that after I enter said edits, I'm in full-on sell mode. As in every day will be query and synopsis and research day. So the blogs I added are those of agents and editors with archives of sage advice.

Very soon now, all the marketing ideas that have been floating around in the back of my head wills start to become a priority. I'm really looking forward to it!

Best of all, this means I'll finally get around to reading that novel I finished writing back in January! I've got to get that sucker edited by November if I'm going to complete another NaNo book!

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