Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sidecar Dreams Updated

Shaida recently left this link in the comments to Sidecar Muse. Following the link, I found this delightful sidecar:

The Laverda sidecar has now become my ideal sidecar, from which I could view the passing scenery, write the latest Madison novel, and be comfortable. Added plus, Cody would still get to ride a motorcycle, feel the bugs impact his helmet (I'd make him get a full-face helmet), and savor the wind against his head-to-toe leather outfit (again, if he's going to be exposed to possible road rash, he's going to be geared in the most protective clothing I can find).

Cody's seat.

My new "office."

I think that I'd write some pretty crazy stuff strapped into this vehicle! Now to convince Cody that we need it and figure out how to get one to the US.

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