Friday, July 3, 2009

One Week

That's how long I lasted: one week. One week of no book purchases, and then Borders put out their first-ever 50% off coupon for the latest Charlaine Harris novel. I couldn't pass up a deal like that, could I?

Yes, yes I could. But only after letting Cody know that it wouldn't be breaking my self-imposed rule if he purchased it for me. And then forwarding him the email with the coupon. And then threatening (email) tears if he didn't buy it for me.

Which prompted Cody to ask me why I decided upon this book-buying limitation in the first place. Honestly? ... I couldn't remember! Something noble. Something about not needing any more books. Something about how I had plenty to read.

Still, a goal is a goal. So with Cody having purchased this one book (at this incredible deal—TikiBird, you were so right about being lured in by the next coupon!), I'm back on track. Cody fears that come the end of September I'm going to crack and buy so many books they'll be piled to the ceilings, taking up all the floorspace in the house except for tiny pathways that allow us to get from room to room.

One can only hope.

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