Monday, July 20, 2009

Hunger vs. Muse

I had a wonderful Madison-editing day today. I headed off to Borders with a very long chapter in hand, thinking I'd work for an hour or so and then return home. The chapter in question was previously the main climax of the story, but I realized (with help from a friend) that the story wasn't really complete there, so this chapter had to be changed to a middle-of-the-tale climax.

The editing went smoothly, the new story building in between what was already there, and then I wrote two and a half pages of new text to transition to the next chapter.

It was one of those writing sessions where I'd forget the people around me for chunks of time, where the story was vivid in my head, the sensations of the characters real. It flowed.

I worked straight through lunch and beyond, hunger unnoticed until I stood up to leave after finishing the entire chapter. When my hands trembled as I picked up my notebook, I finally checked the time and realized I'd been sitting there for nearly four hours! It's days like this that reaffirm why I love being a writer.

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