Saturday, July 4, 2009

Heroic Dreams

Jessica Andersen's magic- and warrior-filled novel must be wearing off on me, because I've had some spectacular dreams lately. The best was one in which I was interviewing before a panel of department heads at a local college for a position in their graduate program to write my next novel and simultaneously obtain my graduate degree in creative writing. In the dream, I argued incredibly eloquently (far more so than the two other interviewees who where there at the same time), but it was my incredible skill against the demons that really made me shine.

Yes, you read that right. Demons attacked the campus, and using some pretty spectacular magic, I burned a circle through the wall, much like you'd cut a window with a diamond blade, so that it fell away to reveal the outside world. We were on the top floor of a very tall building, now looking out over a city not unlike New York. The demons were huge, somewhat like the Transformers in non-car form, but fleshed and winged and flying. And I took each of them out while my companion interviewees ineffectually threw magical grenades that fell to the ground and hit nothing.

I totally landed that graduate position!

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