Saturday, June 6, 2009


As a big surprise to me, my sister and her husband flew up to celebrate my thirtieth birthday with me yesterday (and through the weekend). While my official birthday is not until the fifteenth, plans prevented us celebrating closer to my birthday...which is all the better for me, since that means that I now get nine days of birthday celebrations!

Part of the fun today included going to see Pixar's latest release, Up. I went with moderate expectations and purposeful ignorance, or at least as much as I could maintain in light of all the commercials for the film.

Pixar slumped a while ago and fell out of favor in my eyes. After The Incredibles, which I thought was a very fun and entertaining film, I was sorely disappointed by Cars, which after watching I wished I could have those hours back. Ratatouille was somewhat better, but only by comparison to Cars. When Wall-E came along, I wasn't too sure about watching it, but ended up enjoying it.

Up outdid them all. There was not a single moment in the movie when I thought, this is dull or I wish they'd just get on with the story. I was enthralled from the beginning to the end, and I happily participated in the emotions of the film, surprised at the depth and variety the film elicited.

On the car ride back home, we all couldn't stop talking about our favorite parts of the movie. It was a great movie to watch in the theater, and I highly recommend watching it in 3D! I'm even considering renting it again when it comes out on film.

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Midgard Dragon said...

Up was pretty great, WALL-E still tops it by a long shot.