Monday, June 22, 2009

Beautiful Cover

This week's NON author, Diana Rowland, has a beautiful cover for her debut novel, Mark of the Demon, and it got me thinking again about covers. My mind keeps going back to a cover I recently saw on Katie MacAlister's blog for her upcoming steampunk romance.

I absolutely love this cover. Something about it makes me think of UK covers. (You probably knew that covers in the UK are not always the same as the US covers, right? For some reason, British people are called to different art and text positioning than American people. I feel a whole thesis could be written to cover the why of that, something about historical upbringing, artistic and architectural influences of each nation, and Sesame Street vs. no Sesame Street. But I digress.)

I love the colors, the font, the artistic style, and (after looking up what it meant) the idea of a steampunk romance. I am really looking forward to this novel's release.

In my quest to find new NON authors, I also discovered the beautiful cover of the novel Havemercy.

Unfortunately for NON (and me), this novel was released over a year ago, so it doesn't fall into the recently released debut novel. Fortunately for me, I found a new book I want to read. Check out Jones and Bennett's site, too. It's very pretty. The idea of a clockwork dragon is fascinating!

I didn't really have anywhere I was going with this blog, other than to share some beautiful covers and some books that I think are going to be awesome. If you've read them, let me know!

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