Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Birthday Book Loot

I don't know how this happened: Though I try to always get the first book in a series when I'm buying new authors, and I make a special point to check the front of the books for the series order, I managed to acquire over the last year nearly a dozen novels that I couldn't read because they were the second (or later) in the series and I lacked the first. So when it came to my birthday, I had several very specific requests for books. Cody got me them all!

I now have Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum novels 7-10, which means the 11-13 that I have I can also now read (though not all in a row), several new-to-me authors like Talia Gryphon (fantasy) and Jessica Andersen (paranormal romance; Who isn't fascinated by the 2012 apocalypse prophecy? And combine it with some romance and kick-ass men, and that's my kind of a book), and the ever-popular Katie MacAlister. I now have 58 fiction novels sitting on my shelves waiting to be read!

I must be addicted to reading, because that's the only way that I can explain the impulse that I still have to go to Borders and pick up a few new novels I know have recently come out. Honestly, it makes a certain amount of sense to me to have more than my usual number of novels on my home bookcases, since I've been reading a lot more this year than the last few years. In fact, I'm averaging more than one novel a week since I've read 29 books so far (30 by tomorrow) and we're only in week 24.

And the fact that I feel I need to justify it only solidifies my belief that I might be addicted to reading. I feel no need, however, to join a support group. Maybe a reading group...

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