Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Roomba Lives!

Roomba (as of yet unnamed) embarked on its maiden voyage this afternoon. It was a bit more of a production than I expected, too. We spent the entire morning Roomba-proofing the house in preparation for its first adventure. (Okay, to be honest, I don't think we were out of bed before 10, and we also shopped, ate lunch, and went wine tasting, so maybe we spent a whopping hour or two actually working on preparing our home for the Roomba.)

We had to clean under the bed, which had an odd assortment of large artwork from my high school and college days, lots of wrapping paper, and a dust bunny so long I think it qualified as a dust serpent. We also had to tape down our area rug so the Roomba wouldn't get stuck, and pick up a small army of kitty toys.

The result was fabulous. Little Roomba zipped and zagged around our entire house, frightening then boring the cats, all while Cody and I played with my new audio recorder (another birthday gift). All in all, my part of the vacuuming took about two minutes, which was mostly me figuring out how to empty the collection compartment without spilling it.

I love my Roomba!

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