Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Memory Lane

Cody and I went hunting tonight through photos for a baby picture of Cody. Which meant that we had to pull out all the old photo albums and the box of photos that have never been put into albums (it's a large box).

We set into our task with a purpose, but with all those memories right there in front of us, it was hard to stay on task. What should have taken a few minutes turned into an hour as we slowly perused each page in each album, telling each other stories of our childhood and reliving shared memories together.

I think that's the one aspect I don't like about digital cameras. I have all my current photos on the computer. If I need a photo, I go to the appropriately named year or month or event (if I was ambitious and on the ball with my file naming). I don't sit down and idly flip through memories like we did last night.

I'm filled with the desire to scan all the pictures onto the computer and make photo albums through Flicker of my favorites (because somehow this seems easier than just putting the photos away in physical albums). The feeling will fade. Quickly. But it was a lot of fun to go through all those old pictures. When was the last time you saw a beer shirt on a five-year-old? A Marlboro jacket on a ten-year-old? A pegged pant leg? Maybe it's time for you to go through your old photos too.

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