Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Logic vs. Creativity

I've been out of my writing groove. I took the weekend off, as has become a trend now that NaNo is done. Then Monday I didn't have much time, so I only worked for 15 minutes on Madison. Yesterday, I did nothing.

Last night, not terribly coincidentally, I had a hard time falling to sleep. All the story and creativity that I hadn't given myself time to express yesterday balled up and wanted to be worked on at bedtime. I wanted sleep. Neither of us truly won. I refused to get out of bed to work on a project, but I also didn't fall asleep until sometime around 2 am.

Today, I didn't write again. I didn't make the connection between loss of sleep and not writing until midafternoon. I'm not going to have time tonight to write, either, and I can feel all the creativity building again. The only problem is that it doesn't want to finish the latest batch of Madison rewrites that I'm over half done with. It wants to go back to Aria. And I don't know if I should indulge myself or not. I'm afraid if I leave off with the Madison edits, I'll lose my place and the pacing. But I want to use this Aria energy while I have it, too.

Creativity doesn't like to listen to logic. It can be forced. Sometimes forcing is the best thing I can do and sometime that's just an energy drain. If only I could tell in advance.

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