Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heeding the Call

I sat down today just to write a blog and then leave. Then I read Lilith Saintcrow's post on Deadline Dames and was galvanized to write. If you don't go read it (and if you're a writer, I think you should), the gist is to get off your butt and just write. Don't write to be pretty and perfect. Just write. Write crap, write something good, write something bizarre or crazy, but write something.

So I did. I wrote a page and a half for Aria. I didn't feel like editing Madison. I felt like forward progress. And I know editing Madison is forward progress, but it didn't feel like it would be today. Today it felt like work. And I wanted to let my imagination play.

If nothing else, hopefully this helps me fall asleep faster tonight. Not lie awake and wonder if the world of Aria has too many magic-wielders or if Aria's quest is true and good. Not write scenes that I've already written, rewriting them to perfection in my sleep-addled brain.

What I wrote today wasn't much, but I think it was good. It was forward progress. Even if I cut it, it was still forward progress. It's helping me shape young Aria into the woman I know she'll be, and it's helping me find her voice, knowing the woman she'll be and figuring out how she would view her young self. Confused? Me too a little.

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