Monday, January 4, 2010

Refreshed and Recovered

I had the end-of-vacation blues last night until Cody reminded me that everything I do, I love. Yes, Cody's back at work and we aren't getting to sleep in until we wake naturally (goodness, that got late). I don't get to spend 24/7 with him (which is how I prefer life and is one of the goals with writing—make enough to employ Cody, too).

But the house is quiet except for the music of my taste. (I got the newest Shakira album and have been playing it excessively because I love it! I've also been singing. Even when I'm 100% healthy, I don't have what I call a public singing voice, but here by myself, I'm belting out the tunes.) My life is back into a routine that it likes. My body likes a lot of routine. Maybe that's why I'm not terribly spontaneous; it's not in my system.

Best of all, I've returned to my writing desk refreshed. And today, I started officially querying Madison! It was enormously satisfying to start sending out query letters and charting literary agents on my spreadsheet. Tomorrow will be more of the same. About half the literary agents I like want a synopsis, and that's still in the works. I had wanted to leap immediately into Areia, but I know that in the long run, this final focus on Madison will make me much happier. My dream: to sell Madison in a 3-book deal, then Areia in a 3-book deal, with Areia's three books coming out in the same years as book 4-6 of Madison. I'm dreaming big!

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