Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Little Take-Along

For the last three or so years, I've been carrying around in my purse a lovely 4"x3" notebook. It has a very attractive design, a built-in bookmark, and an elastic wrap that keeps the pages shut. The only problem is that it's heavy.

Okay, in the grand scheme of things, it hardly weighs anything, but add it to the weight of all the other essentials in my purse, and it was contributing to some major neck and shoulder pain. However, I can't go around without a notebook, can I? What would I do when inspiration strikes? When a new character idea springs to mind or I find a new book I want to purchase, just not at that precise moment? When I find that delicious bottle of wine at a tasting and need to write down the name?

Unfortunately, I've been going without a notebook in my purse for months now in an attempt to trim down on the weight. I've missed it.

I found the solution recently at Borders. They sell incredibly small, lightweight, moleskin notebooks with perforated pages. Genius. I got two, one in lime green, one in Granny Smith green. I couldn't even tell when I put it in my purse. I'm ready for inspiration to strike now, anywhere, anytime.

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