Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Gypsy Muse

There are certain songs out there that speak to my muse. Sometimes it's just a melody that provokes an emotion, sometimes it's specific lyrics. Sometimes, rarely it's both. For Christmas, I was given Shakira's newest album, She Wolf, and ever time I listen to the "Gypsy" song, my imagination takes over, building a character, scenery, plot—all of which doesn't fit into any story I've ever written.

I've had songs put me in the writing mood before. Most of Tori Amos's work was like that for me about ten years ago. I outgrew it, but for a while, Cody was subjected to more Amos music than is necessarily healthy. Since her, I've found calmer music easier to write to, music like Enya and Sarah McLachlin and Ingrid Michaelson. Music without too heavy a beat or lyrics that I want to sing along to.

I've never had a song evoke quite the same level of story that "Gypsy" does. It's the music and lyrics and pacing. Interestingly enough, the first minute or so of "Did It Again" on the same album brings to mind a character, too, like a mini character study in a few well-sung lyrics.

Needless to say, I've listened to both songs more times than I could count, but I've yet to write down any notes in my ideas file.

Embedded for your viewing and listening pleasure, "Gypsy":

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