Thursday, December 3, 2009

A (Possible) New Goal

I finished Janet Evanovich's (with Ina Yalof) book How I Write: Secrets of a Bestselling Author. The book was like NON on steroids. It was written in the question and answer format, and I'm pretty sure that most of Evanovich's answers are already up on her website (since she mentions that in her intro), but printed in the convenience of a book I can read while brushing my teeth or riding on a plane. The book was designed for fans and writers, but more specifically fans who are writers.

I didn't learn anything in particular that I'm immediately integrating into my work life. I already want a treadmill and elliptical machine in my office. I already want to employ my family when I'm selling novels. I already want to incorporate or form an LLC with my writing business once I start making money.

What the book did was entertain me, inspire me, and encourage me as a writer.

It also sparked an idea: I would love to see a series of these books done with different famous authors. I would love to be the editor on those books. I would love to get to interview these authors and help find passages from their novels to illustrate the way they talk about their writing (as was done in this novel). I could see such a series selling moderately in stores, but even better electronically. Kindle owners and writers everywhere would have a little insight into their favorite authors' lives.

I think I'm onto something here. Now if only I knew a famous author willing to help me pitch my idea to a large house (like Penguin or Random House, since they seem to own half the imprints out there).

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