Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Big Sigh of Relief

As of Sunday, I called a halt to all things not related to Christmas gift shopping so we could focus. That means no synopsis work, no query reading, not much of anything at all really, except shopping.

Cody and I tried to do finish our shopping in batches over the previous weekends, and every earlier attempt was thwarted. The presents just weren't there, despite the fact that the stores have always had these items stocked before. And I admit, we were getting desperate. After all, Christmas is three days away!

Today, we hit the goldmine. All those previous trips served as very good research trial runs, and we left the house this morning with a list of stores and items. We found everything except for two items! Hooray! After lunch, we went back out (individually) for each other. I am *almost* done shopping! So close!

I have vowed to Cody and now to you that next year, we will finish within the first week of December, because this last-minute stress takes a lot of the Christmas joy from the holiday! Tomorrow we have one more run, and then we can take Christmas Eve to rest before the opening extravaganza. Whew!

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