Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Looking Ahead (From My Position Hiding Under the Covers)

I've been working on Madison for the day, able to immerse myself in the rewrites, which means that I'm now done. Done with what I'm officially calling draft 8, though there are parts of this book which have seen at least double that many rewrites. It's now time to work on the query again.

Which meant I jumped on the Internet to procrastinate for a while. Unfortunately, I started checking out writing-related blogs (thinking that it's not procrastination if it has to do with writing), and I scared myself. Or, more accurately, the articles I was reading scared me. They were all about the business side of being a writer, and about ebooks and royalties and the trends in the industry, etc. There are days when the business side of writing really appeals to me, and today is not one of them. Today I would happily cower under a blanket and not think about it all.

Fortunately, I have that option right now. I can work in oblivion on my novel. Soon, though, I'll be dealing with the real world (I hope) once my novel sells. And then I'll have to learn all the lingo. I hope it will be easier than actually writing the novel. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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