Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Half Done, Four-thirds to Go

For all that I've whined and moaned on this blog at times, I'm usually very happy with my writing, with the act of writing, and especially with the memory of having written that day. So it's been uncharacteristic of me lately to feel upset with my writing almost instantaneously after I finish for the day. Today was a perfect example. I wrote more than I normally do in less time, the story was flowing, and the characters had a few moments of connection, but I closed the Word document and immediately felt like I'd written a day's worth of crap.

I decided it was unwise to listen to that ugly voice, so I'm focusing on things that are positive.
1. I figured out the motivation of my evil characters last night, which means I can map out the ending.
2. The story is progressing.
3. According to the traditional NaNo numbers, I'm over halfway to the word-count goal.

The rest of the fear can go sit on a shelf for a while. I refuse to dwell on how little story has happened in these 85 pages.

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