Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another Goodwin Original

On Thursday, Cody and I attended a friends and family event at the 20th Street Gallery in Sacramento, California, where one of my favorite artists, Suzanne Goodwin, had 20 pieces on display. The show was a 20/20 show, where the artists were challenged to do 20 pieces in a little over 20 days. As a NaNo WriMo participant, I can appreciate the trials and joys of such a tight deadline for an artist, and I always love going to Suzanne's shows to support Suzanne and see all the wonderful pieces she's created. This time, there was an added bonus: We took home a Suzanne Goodwin original!

It's she cute! Cody and I both fell in love with this 8-inch by 8-inch painting. I've been roaming around the house with it for the last two days trying to find just the right place for it. I'm thinking she's going to find a home in the office. While she hasn't (yet) inspire a story, she makes a cute muse to watch over my shoulder.

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