Thursday, November 5, 2009

Coming Up for Air

I had a wonderful writing session this morning, in which I wrote 3,692 words! I started trying to make the scene short, and it got away from me. Great for now, but I know there'll be a lot of cuts and edits to this section later. Of course, it's the beginning, and it takes me a while to get the right tone and pace for my new world/book.

But that's not what this post is about. It's about The Proposal. I finally got to see Sandra Bullock's latest romantic comedy and I loved it! It made me laugh so hard in parts that I couldn't breathe (always a good sign in a romantic comedy), and though I saw the ending coming (it's kind of hard not to with a formulaic genre I've read and watched a thousand different times), it was unique enough that I was captivated.

Which is a rather jaded way of saying that I think all fans of the genre and all Sandra Bullock fans should see this film if you haven't already. So cute!

(And I'm going to blame my lack of articulation on those 12 or so pages I wrote this morning—they didn't leave much creativity for a witty blog post.)

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Shaida said...

I just saw that movie too (we must have been stuck in the same Netflix "Very Long Wait" vortex)! And normally I'm not a Sandra fan, plus I prefer cocky action smart-aleck Ryan Reynolds to sensitive romantic Ryan Reynolds...BUT, nevertheless, I really enjoyed that movie. It had a nice balance of sweetness and humor (my favorite bits were actually starting Kevin!).