Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Book That Almost Wasn't Read

I am a fan of Lora Leigh's Breed series, and I thought I would branch out and try one of her other series. I selected Killer Secrets, which is filled with alpha males, much like her Breed series, but is set in a (slightly) more realistic, action-packed setting. I liked everything I read on the back, so I purchased the book and brought it home.

Then, trying to decide between it and another book for which one I should read, I did my tried and true test and read the first line of both books. The idea is that whichever first line appeals to me more, that's the book I will read.

Killer Secrets has been sitting on my shelf for several months because of its first line:

"Slipping into the ICU unit of the military hospital wasn't an easy task."

ICU unit? As in Intensive Care Unit unit? Did he next go to the ATM machine? How did this get past Lora Leigh, the editor, copyeditor, and proofreader?

I've finally decided to push past my disproportionate annoyance with this editing flaw and read the book. So far, so good, but that first line really drives me crazy.


van_pham said...

Hi Mrs. Chastain,

I was reading your about your books on your webpage...are your book published? i was trying to find it on amazon but couldn't...they sound really great and would love to read them :)


Rebecca Chastain said...

van_pham, you made my day. My books are not yet published, unfortunately. I'm *this* close to finishing the urban fantasy and having it ready to send queries out. I'll be sure to post somewhere huge on my sites when I do get published (probably with lots of exclamation marks, too)!

Thanks so much for your interest, and thank you for following NON—I love all the attention the blog can bring to debut authors!

van_pham said...

:) I found your website a couple of weeks back and i think it's great giving new authors the spotlight to talk about their book. I check it out once a week :D!

I will definitely be on the lookout for your books once it gets published! Love it that youre a California author, that means your first book signing will be here. Yay.