Sunday, September 13, 2009

Paper Seduction

I've just spent the last half hour glued to the very attractive Paper-Source website. This is rather unusual for me. First of all, lately as soon as I can leave this chair, I'm out of the office, not dinking around on the Internet. Second, I'm not typically a stationary type of person. I admittedly purchase my thank you cards at Target or wherever I find a pack that's cheap (like $3 and under), with the idea that it's all about what the card says, less about the card.

Paper-Source could change everything for me.

I went to the site to check out what paper flowers looked like (they were referenced in something I was reading, and I needed a visual). They're fun!

Left are the magnolias, right are the poppies.

But after I found the flowers, I spent most of my time clicking through the calendars.

I think I'm a little obsessed with calendars to begin with. I have three in our rather small apartment: one for personal stuff (appts, plans, etc.), one for writing, and one for work. Which enables me to have three different changing pictures throughout my house. I love it.

But this last year, it was suprisingly difficult to find attractive calendars and I had to fall back on generic ones similar to last year's calendars. has opened up a whole new world for me. Here are my favorites:

The dangerous (but oh so cute and tasty looking!) cupcake calendar.

The tastefully designed calendar in soothing tones.

The fun calendar.

(Aren't the penguins adorable?) This one is my favorite, but it doesn't leave much room for jotting notes.

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