Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dragon Dreams

I've been immersed in two Todd McCaffrey novels for the last week or so, as I've mentioned, and I've also been very tired. It took me three nights to connect the correlation and realize it's all the fault of Todd and Dragonsblood.

In the novel, the characters are hunting for a cure to save the sick dragons. Every day that they're unsuccessful, dozens of dragons die. There's a cast of at least six to ten main characters, all approaching the problem in their unique way, but all constantly searching.

At night, in my dreams, I tried to help. I kept waking up from dreams of dragons—not riding them or impressing one or anything fun like that, but of dreams of restlessness related to dragons, of hunting and searching and grasping at nothing to try to save them or train them or help them.

It took three nights of me surfacing from sleep repeatedly in the night, thinking, Don't go back to dreaming about dragons, before I connected it to the reason I've been so tired. I'm sad to have ended Dragonsblood, but happy that tonight's sleep will be restful.

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