Monday, September 28, 2009

New York, Everywhere

My head has been bouncing between four stories these last few days. For some reason, Areia (my ridiculously long first novel that I haven't touched for at least a year) would not be quiet. So I mapped out the rest of the story, realized that the 1,309 pages that I have would have to be squished down to 200 pages if I wanted to make the entire story one novel. Two would be better, but the only thing I can think of that was sold as a two-part series was something that Tad Williams did, and even then, I think it was his third in the series that was split into two books. So I ended up depressed with that whole scene. Yes, there's a way to make it three books rather easily, but for some reason, Areia was ready to be worked on, edited, and go, and my muse was telling me I could finish the whole book/series in a few days. Ha!

So I tried to focus on Madison again, but no, my new stories were interrupting. I've made my decision between the two plot ideas for the one I'll be writing in November (I went with the lighthearted romance/adventure instead of the apocalyptic one), so I told the apocalyptic one that I'd map it out second and set it aside. And since getting the November story mapped out is on my list of things to be done soon, I stopped fighting the desire to work on some ungodly time in the night when I couldn't sleep because it wouldn't. So that's partially mapped and I'm really liking it and I went a different direction than I was thinking I would, which again turned into a blessing and got rid of a lot of pesky plot problems. The male lead is trying his hardest to not be a stand-up guy, though, and that's bothering me. I'd like my as-of-yet-unnamed main character to fall for a decent guy.

We just returned from Borders with research material: in this case, maps. For some reason, both the stories I was deciding between seemed to fit only in New York. I, however, have never been to New York, don't know anyone from New York, and in general couldn't tell you where Manhattan is in relation to New York City in relation to Martha's Vineyard. Until now.

I have three maps in my office: a state map, a close-up New York City map, and one of those artsy maps that has buildings and bridges drawn in 3D of New York City "and Region." It's New York everywhere.

In order to get them all to fit, I had to move my framed diploma to my second favorite spot in the room to use that wall for the 3D map, then tape another to the office door, and the third is across the accordion closet doors, cut along the seems and taped so the doors can still be opened. I'm rather liking that one the best right now. It seems the most creative. On top of that, I've got 3x5 cards taped all along the hall as part of my plot brainstorming (there was no wall space left in the office since Madison one [condensced version] and Madison 2 [full version] are still taking up the normal wall of choice). Cody just loves what I've done with the place (not).

Unfortunately, I've run out of tape. Which put a halt to plotting, and means I have to move on to the next thing on my list: research of the actual city of New York online. And, of course, before I go much further with this new story, I MUST finish Madison!

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