Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Day Off

I was tempted to jump right into editing Madison again and working on the query and getting everything all polished, and then I realized that after working 14+ days straight, I simply didn't have the energy for it. So I took a day off.

Ah, bliss. I went shoe shopping. I went to one of those huge stores where they have at least 100 different styles of shoes all lined up on display, and all the boxes easy to grab from right beneath them—no waiting for salesmen to meander from the back room to the sales floor, no people trying to help you stuff your foot into a shoe.

It was interesting to watch the other women, too. They moved through the shoes the way I move through a bookstore, like it calmed them, righted their world, made their lunch hour better.

Of course, after I had that thought, I had to go to the bookstore. Gasp—shoe and book shopping in one day! I found sandals half off and a book for only $.69 after my coupons. It was amazing.

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