Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Am Mobile!

It has finally happened! I have a laptop! Now I have instant mobility and the ability to work and write and blog anywhere in the world (with Internet access for the blogging). I'm super excited by all the possibilities, and simply by the thought of editing my novel somewhere other than at home.

I've had one laptop before, or more accurately, Cody had a laptop years ago that I commandeered at random for my own uses. It weighed twice as much as this one, had a smaller screen, and it filtered the heat through the bottom, so my legs would feel like they were on fire and develop a light heat rash if I worked on it too long. All in all, it was usually easier and more pleasant to write at my desk.

This laptop has a 15" widescreen, which, while much smaller than my desk monitor, is still pretty big when it's sitting 2.5 feet from my face.

Once we load Word on here (Cody's task for tomorrow), this laptop is everything I need to get out of the house and write/edit a bestseller. Or go on a vacation and bring my writing with me. Or take a day trip and bring my work along. The possibilities are endless.

And where am I sitting right now while I type? In my front room. Granted, it's not a cute cafe with a tasty drink sitting beside me, but it beats sitting in my office, where I spent the rest of today.

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Anonymous said...

That is so exciting. I can bring Fluffy and we can type side by side. Wouldn't that be cute?