Thursday, August 12, 2010

No Focus

I try to write every day, working after I finish. I'm a creature of routines, very happy in them. In fact, I'm my happiest when I get my allotted amount of writing time and a good work day, followed by a physical workout, then some blog and NON time, and if necessary, more work time, then dinner and some relax time. When the routine works, it works really well. I've had super efficient days that have made two normal days look like I spent the whole time slacking off.

The routine has not been working lately.

First off, I'm finishing up details on different stages of several writing projects, and while I'm getting a lot done, it feels like I'm spinning my wheels because I'm not seeing a lot of progress. Everything I was doing was necessary, so I'm glad I did it, and now I can focus on Madison again. So I thought today was getting off to a good start.

Then my little girl cat, Zenzo, got either a bladder infection or has crystals in her urine (the vet wasn't able to determine which because they couldn't get a sample from her), but the inconclusive findings took over five hours of Zenzo at the traumatizing vet's office. She came home with a bag of medicines—including some liquid pain killer that smells like a fruity cocktail, as in if someone had served it to me in a bar, I would have sipped it with a smile—and a shattered sense of well-being, which has had her hissing and growling at her brother and slinking around the house to investigate otherwise normal sounds.

Meanwhile, my apartment porch is being repainted. Since I'm on the top floor of a large, three-story building, this involved a lot of noise (though not as much as when they were replacing all the porches last week), and no less than three different workers up and down on the balcony doing various painter-y things, including taping and papering the edges of my windows, which has blocked about half the light I normally get in the house.

Thus: I didn't exercise today. I didn't get a lot of work done. I got half my writing done. I did nothing for NON. The one thing that made the end of my day a little bit better: the discovery of Tempt Chocolate Fudge Non-dairy ice cream. It's delicious! The closest to traditional ice cream I've found. Best yet, it's not just plain chocolate. I highly recommend it.

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