Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting a Critique

In 2008, Miss Snark's First Victim began hosting contests on her blog for unpublished authors to help each other out. Over the course of the week, the peers who also made it into the contest (only a limited number of people can participate) critique one another's pieces. Even better, one of the anonymous people critiquing is an agent!

I've been trying to get into one of these contests for the last year, and my timing has been off every time (the window of entries is usually very brief because so many people are waiting, email ready, lurking in the blogger background until she posts "the contest is open," then pouncing). Today, I made it in!

Thus, the first 250 words of Conventional Demon is up for critiques this week, and an agent will be seeing it! Very exciting. Granted, the first 250 words is three paragraphs, so I'm not sure what I'll get out of this, but it will be interesting. Wish me luck at catching the agent's eye and having him or her request to see more of my novel!

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