Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Family First

Every once in a while, something truly new and unexpected happens. When I learned several years ago that most people have something like 80% of the same thoughts each and every day, I started to pay attention to when I have a completely new thought, something I've never thought of or considered before. Something that takes even me by surprise. I don't know if this is a sad comment on me, but I don't notice brand-new thoughts and ideas every day. Not even every week. But a lot of good story ideas come from these kernels of ah-ha!

Just as rare are the physical moments of experiencing something completely new and unexpected, especially something that I haven't even heard of another person I know doing. Something like that happened to me yesterday—well, to me and to Cody.

I received a call from Cody's work about a half hour after he was supposed to head home. The moment the lady announced herself as a member of the security personnel at his four-story building, my heart did a funny skip, but I was reassured by the lightness of her tone. She verified that, yes, I was Cody's wife, then said: "Your husband wanted me to let you know that he's stuck in the elevator."

My thoughts stuttered. It was simply so unexpected. Holding back an inappropriate giggle, I asked if he was okay. Yes, just fine, only he was stuck in the elevator and the nearest technician was forty-five minutes away. Cody hadn't wanted me to worry, so had asked her to call. After I verified there was nothing I could do, we hung up.

I've never known anyone who was stuck in an elevator before. I've never heard of anyone receiving a call that their spouse was trapped in one either. It was funny, but I didn't really want to laugh until Cody was out safe. Naturally, when he made it home safe and sound, I teased him all night long. I even marked the event on our calendar. It was a bizarre first for both of us.


Tracy said...

Haha! That IS funny. It a kind of shocked me when you said how most people think have pretty much the same thoughts everyday. I realized, crud, I do think about the same things day in and day out!

TikiBird said...

Oh my gosh! That is crazy. I'm glad all was OK. If you have to be stuck in an elevator, Cody's a good guy to be stuck with!