Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Late Favorite

A while ago I posted about a few of my favorite birthday presents. This one didn't make it on the list only because it came late: Cody got me a roll-out, tape-up, super-thin whiteboard that's six feet long and three and a half feet tall. After some finagling, we managed to get it stuck up along the only wall with a free six feet of length: the hallway.

I've been playing around with how to use the board. The idea is for it to be my new brainstorming space.
Now, when an idea strikes me, I can simply grab a dry-erase pen and jot away on the board. I also drafted out the requirements for the hero's journey, so that as ideas for the current story I'm brainstorming come to me, I can plot them on the board.

The process hasn't yet become fluid, but it's getting there. I think it will eventually be a combination of sticky notes and whiteboard notes. I also can't decide whether the board would work better as I've been using it (for only one story) or as a place to list and write out ideas for any story that springs to mind. I suspect that I shall figure it out as I go through the entire book process for this NaNo-novel-to-be. However, anything that improves the process (or serves as a very large reminder to just sit my butt down in a chair and write) is something to celebrate.


TikiBird said...

Photos! Photos!

Rebecca Chastain said...

Your wish is my command. :)