Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sorting the To-Do List

Entering the contest yesterday with Madison reminded me of the thousand and one things that are on my to-do list for writing. There's enough there to fill every hour of every day for the next five years, and I want to finish it all before December. To give you a peek, here's the current list:
  • Finish writing the current book
  • Which means finish researching for the current book
  • Which means finish organizing and outlining the current book
  • Send out more queries for Madison
  • Which means fine-tuning a synopsis
  • Finish a read through the second half of Madison to make sure changes I made to the beginning don't mess anything up later on
  • Write the chapter opening quotes for Madison
  • Read Madison Book 2 (which I wrote in 2008 and never have yet read)
  • Possibly reedit Madison Book 1 to include Madison Book 2 if my nagging worry that Book 1 doesn't have enough story and that Book 2 isn't a complete story are found to be factual now that I've had some time away from both projects
  • Find any and all contests that Madison could fit in and apply
  • Finish editing and rewriting Aria
  • Which means figuring out what makes Aria special, what makes the book worthy of writing and makes it worthy of reading when there are already so many other epic fantasies filling the shelves (a quality that as it stands, I feel Aria is missing)
  • Write Sasha (last year's NaNo WriMo book) into a new world, meaning steal the characters and a few scenes and fit them into a fun new world I've been building in the back of my head
  • Plot out a full story of the next novel that's dying to be written (and currently exists as only 10 sticky notes on my wall and one 3-page Word document of notes)
  • Update my website—that baby needs a lot of work!
I'm sure there's more—there's always more!—but that's the major points, and that's a doozie of a list!

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