Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Dear Lucky Agent" Contest

It's been about five months since I've shopped Madison around, and I've made some improvements to the beginning (mainly chopping about ten pages off the front and starting the story where it should start...with the story, not the backstory). I've been hard at work on the next novel, but Chuck Sambuchino at Guide to Literary Agents got me thinking about Madison last night. For the next two weeks, he's hosting a "Dear Lucky Agent" contest on his blog for fantasy and science fiction novels, and I've decided to enter. Wish me luck!


TikiBird said...

Go, Rebecca!! Good for you! I need to start querying Disneylanders again. Maybe you've inspired me. :)

And I got some new writing books to aid my new book, too. :) Thanks for the help, and good luck with the contest! It would be a lucky agent indeed to have your book!

Rebecca Chastain said...

Thanks for the support, TikiBird! I think I might need to start reading books about writing to give me extra incentive to write faster and enter more contests and contact more agents. I've been slacking a bit in that department lately. I'll get back on track soon, and this contest was a good start.