Monday, May 24, 2010

Number One Novels Starts a Bookstore

There's nothing like a really good vacation to give you energy when you get back—and my honeymoon was fabulous. Sadly, today was the first day in the last ten that I didn't get to spend with my husband. Instead, I was happily envloped by the online world of everything books and book related.

I wasn't looking to make NON better, but I ended up doing it anyway: I created a Number One Novels Amazon bookstore!

I've been trying to figure out the best way to bring readers information about previously interviewed authors' newest novels, and this is the perfect way! On the bookstore home page, look to the box on the right, and click on "NON Recommends Sequels". Here, you'll find all the second and third novels released by previous debut authors (and, in the case of Christy Reece, all six of her novels released in the last two years!), as well as paperback and Kindle versions.

The home page is a concise list of all the titles NON has covered, all in one place. If you saw something you thought you want but haven't yet gotten, now's your chance. If you're looking for new authors, here's a great resource—all new authors, right at your fingertips, no page-hopping necessary.

I'm especially proud of the bookstore simply because I figured it all out myself, without the help of my much more computer-savvy husband! I'm still looking for attractive ways to include it on the NON site, but for today, I'm pleased. Pleased, and after five hours, DONE!

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