Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Mission Statement

The very smart dames over at Deadline Dames have brought up a good point: some of the best-working companies in the world have very well defined mission statements, which they use to guide their business decisions and stay true to the goals of the company. It works very well for companies, simplifies choices, and maintains forward momentum in the right direction. Swap the word "companies" with "people" or "authors" and the statement still works. I've taken up the dame's challenge to write my own short mission statement.

The task is harder than it seems, for sure! To whittle down to a few words the purpose of your life is no little thing! Here are some of my best attempts:

Rebecca Chastain is dedicated to supporting and loving her family and friends, to writing quality novels, and to never ceasing to learn.

Rebecca Chastain is focused on following a path of unselfish happiness through the pursuits of love, laughter, and creativity.

I like the second one best. It allows for the flexibility of changing tastes throughout life while maintaining a core sentiment that is very appealing.

So what's your mission statement?

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