Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Hidden Costs of a Couch

That lovely big couch and love seat that we recently purchased might end up costing us a lot more than we originally paid. There are hidden costs in this new furniture that we just found out tonight when we finally got around to moving them from where they've sat askew in the front room into a proper arrangement.

We moved the 36" box TV (which weighs as much as I do, I think), and the stereo, sub woofer, and speakers, got everything into place along a new wall and realized we needed about two more inches of room. That's it, just two more inches and we'd be able to fit the love seat along an adjacent wall. Those two inches were being taken up by the jack to the cable, which juts out from the wall.

So we sat back and rethought the arrangement. We tried the sofa on a different angle, then a different wall. Neither worked. Then we looked around for other options. The problem is, there are just too many bookcases. They're taking up the "extra" space in the living room, dining room, and the office. Even if we moved them around, at best we'd fit a love seat in the dining room with the table, leaving the occupants of the love seat about one foot of leg space. Not good.

So Cody is currently running to Fry's to see if they sell something that can flatten the cable closer to the wall so the love seat can be squeezed in next to the TV. He also has a new 36" TV on his list, a flat screen because that would give us more space. And if we buy the flat screen, we'll need to buy a TV stand, and of course, with couches, we need an ottoman... And I'll need more books to read on the couch and a new reading lamp and a table to put it on... Maybe another bookcase... Basically, by purchasing this couch and love seat, we realized we need to buy a larger house!


TikiBird said...

House! House! House!

Let us know if you need any help with moving stuff (or boxing up books...). You guys have certainly helped us rearrange enough furniture! LOL

Rebecca Chastain said...

What a sweet offer! Thank you. We might be taking you up on it, though I've finally found an arrangement that doesn't feel like the left side of the room has fallen into Never-never Land.