Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Belated First

My body is sore. My back, my arms, my hands when I close them. My hip. There are two very good reasons for this. Okay, there's one good reason and one peculiar reason.

My left hip is sore because of the Olympics. Yes, they ended a week ago, but just as I was late to start watching them, I was also late in making my attempt to emulate them. Specifically the ice skaters.

For unknown reasons yesterday while I was chatting on the phone with my father, I felt compelled to try this ice skating move.

(Picture a phone in her right hand, and you've got me.)

Every ice skater out there makes this look amazingly easy, and I was in my socks on carpet, so my distracted mind (remember, I'm on the phone with my dad) decides I've leveled the playing field, so to speak, and should be able to pull this move off.

The move works great on the right leg. Perfect balance, a nice stretch. All is good. Then I try the left. Not good. My hip and every muscle surrounding it attempted to seize into this remarkably uncomfortable position.

I collapsed, slowly, to the floor and gently stretched my hip back into a normal position, massaging the charlie horse away with my fist. I also managed to maintain a normal conversation, being too embarrassed to mention to my dad what I'd just done, especially not while he was being so kind and offering me the use of his truck.

Which brings me to the less embarrassing and more exciting reason why the rest of my body is sore: Yesterday Cody and I purchased our first-ever sofa and loveseat! I made it to thirty years of age before owning a sofa!

We hauled these two monsters up two flights of stairs last night (with a little last-minute help from some neighbors, thankfully). We're still trying to figure out how an inanimate object can grow while riding in the back of a pickup, going from normal looking in the floor room to gigantic in our apartment, which also means we're still trying to figure out how to squeeze these delightful pieces of furniture into our tiny front room. I have no fear that we can do it...after my body gets some much deserved down time.

(Zenzo claimed her spot already.)


Tracy said...

Haha! Your cat is adorable! Looks like she really really loves the new sofa!

Rebecca Chastain said...

Aww, anyone who thinks my cat is adorable has to be both a genius and very nice. :) Zenzo and her brother, Fu, have been trying out different positions on the couches and so far their favorite is still wherever Cody and I both can pet them at the same time.