Thursday, September 6, 2012

What's This Nonfiction Idea Doing in Here?

How I visualize my queue of story ideas.
I had an idea last night for a nonfiction book.

Yep. Nonfiction. Technically, this idea has been pinging around my head for the last five or so years. It hasn't quietly gone away, nor has it worked its way into any fiction novels. It has persisted. And last night, it was done with being quiet and waiting its turn in the queue of story ideas.

As I tried to fall asleep, it paraded back and forth, shouting out ideas for layout designs, cover , interior art, and, most importantly, content.

Fortunately, I learned years ago that getting up and writing these ideas down in the middle of the night does one of two things: it either proves the idea was crap when read the next morning, and/or it keeps me up long past my bedtime, making me irritable the next day. The added benefit of not getting up is I can forget the idea. Okay, I know this doesn't sound like a benefit, but I honestly believe that if I have an idea so incredible that it's keeping me awake, it should be incredible enough to remember the next day.

So I shoved the parade of structuring possibilities and themes aside, and fell asleep. This morning, I worked on Eva. No matter what, Eva edits are top priority. I want to sell this book. I'm not letting another idea get in the way of that.

Then I worked. The bills wait on no idea.

Finally, I sat down to write until I ran out of worthy thoughts. It took four single-spaced pages and an hour and a half. Not a shabby brainstorm session.

What's the idea? Well, it's in its infancy, so I'm not sharing. But I have some goals for the book:
  • Max page count: 56 (laid-out pages)
  • Humor
  • Target audience: 18- to 34-year-olds, but mostly high school grads
I love new projects! They're so filled with energy and possibility. I think this book just moved up in the queue to #2.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Looking forward to it.